Jamaat-e-Qasimia Ferozia Ahl-e-Sunnat Pakistan (Trust)


His Illustrious Majesty Hazart pir Sayyed Feroz Shah Qasimi (Damat Barakatuhumul Aliah the most clairvoyant, sacred, religious and spiritual of this age requires no introduction as a successor of devout saints who spent every moment of their lives being lost in the contemplation of Allah and His beloved The Holy Prophet(PBUH) Hazart Muhammed (Sallallah-u-alaih-i-wa-alihi-wasallam). The seekers of divinity, mysticism and the lovers of The Holy Prophet (PBUH) (Sallallah-u-alaih-i-wa-alihi-wasallam) are being imbued with sprituality and bounties (faiz) at Dargha-e-Aaliah Qasimia Ferozia.

In this sermon, His Highness shed light on the glorious life of Hazrat Usman (Uthman), a great Kaliph, a great companion, a great follower, a great believer and above all, a great lover of Prophet Muhammd SAW and God Almighty. Further more, His Highness referred to the verse of The Quran in which Hazrat Usman RaziallahuTa'aala Anhu is referred along with other 4 blessed companions.

In this video, there is also a 10 min English narration of the sermon of His Highness narrated by his son Shehzada Syed Muhammad Siddique Ferozi D.B.A in which he elaborates some mystic concepts of oneness, divinity, perception versus conception about faith on The One and Absolute.

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